петък, 4 март 2011 г.

Честита Баба Марта/ happy grandma Marta

Това е една от многото мартенички, които ми подариха тази година.Много ми хареса затова реших да я покажа, и да отбележа, че не съм я правила аз :) За всички румени засмени!

"Martenitza" is a traditional decoration in Bulgaria. We wear it on First day of March, to the day when we see first flowering tree, or a stork (I wear it to the end of March, becаuse it is hard to see a stork in the city :). We believe that this is a symbol of heаlth, good luck and coming spring. We greet eachother with phrase "happy grandma Marta" (grandmother Marta is mythical persona from our folklor, and becouse this month (March) is non predictable about weather we use woman name ;)! Traditional "martenitza" is made from red and white wool. After that(the stork and so) we tied the 'martenitza" to a tree branch ( to be fruitful tree). These days they are diferent, not so traditional type of "martenitza", but it is Business era mostly. All you need is to enjoy it!

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